Dan Lucas - Customer Testimonial.

Testimonial by Dan Lucas, Providence/St. Vincent Medical Foundation

Dan Lucas was the Senior Advancement Officer, Providence/St. Vincent Medical Foundation, Portland, Oregon, and one of my special clients.

When Dan came to me, he was already suspicious of builders, listening to friends who told him builders didn’t pay attention to their needs, and when their homes were done, walked away leaving the client alone.

We talked and worked together throughout the entire process to handle its special needs, and he was as much of the process as the workers. He wanted to know what went into building a custom home. It is fantastic to have a client like Dan Lucas who is everyone’s best friend. He had an amazing way to connect with people and bring out their best. He did that with the building of his house as the workers liked him, and it showed in the work that they did. Everyone felt like a part of the team.

The house he chose to build was on a bluff overlooking a beautiful valley in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range, and it required special spread footings to accommodate the unique property. The concern was whether or not the house would slide down the hill, so his project had extremely special needs to ensure the home would remain stable.

It was important to create a home that meet the needs of the unusual property conditions as well as his needs for a home that would handle large groups for social activities, and still be cozy and warm throughout the year in the natural mountainous environment.

I was honored when he accepted my invitation to participate in a video marketing piece for Bernard Custom Homes. The result is below.

You can find Dan’s letter of recommendation and more client letters on my Testimonials page.