Oregon Fir 2001 front house - Street of Dreams custom home by Rick Bernard Custom Homes.

Q & A – Do I Need a Real Estate Agent in my Transaction?

Do you need a real estate agent in your custom home building transaction?

The answer depends on your type of transaction, and your past experience.

If real estate purchases and sales is new to you then it might be advisable to work with a real estate agent, however it is not required. If you are looking for raw land, then my feelings are definitely yes.

Raw land is far more elusive to find. An agent’s knowledge and contacts allow for a true picture of the real market place. Keep in mind the commission rate is higher on raw land because the gross sale amount is less, while the work load is the same.

In a raw land purchase, I’d recommend picking out one agent, and stick with that agent, period.

If you are purchasing an existing home, the seller is paying commission, not you.

If you are looking to find a builder to build for you maybe yes, maybe no. If you’re trusting of the builder – probably not, if the builder seems a bit flaky, it might be good insurance for the documentation an agent provides

Remember, EVERYTHING is negotiable, despite what anyone might say.