1987 Seventh Sunrise - landscaping - Street of Dreams custom home by Rick Bernard of Bernard Custom Homes.

Q & A – Do We Really Need an Interior Designer or Landscape Architect?

Often times it’s not about just knowing what you like. It’s about knowing where those specific materials are available on a cost competitive basis, along with are what the various constraints and opportunities for those materials. Most important the overall coordination, of these separate features into one “spectacular” unified experience. An interior designer considers electrical lighting, natural lighting, finish materials. The feel of the spaces, and their interplay through transisitional sequence. The application of color and types of material for creating emotional responses.

Of all the areas frequently over looked, on larger properties, landscaping is ignored because it is at the end of the project, resulting in expensive do-overs. It really should be one of the initial considerations to the development of the total property. Drainage, sunlight access along with shadowing, and the ability to enhance the architecture of the home design with plant materials and hardscape.