Starburst 8 1988 - Front Entry Stairs - Bernard Custom Homes - Street of Dreams.

Q & A : How Long Will It Take?

How soon do you want the keys?  Are you particular about materials and finishes, or is “normal” O K?  Are you willing to wait for special orders?

Sometimes the supply of common materials (sheetrock / insulation) are in short supply – out of the builder’s control.  Sometimes weather may delay production by delaying shipping, and or job site electricity.  Sometimes certain craftsmen are booked up, and sometimes different building authorities are back logged.  How big of a hurry are you in?  Most often we can manage the variables to comply with your schedule.

If elapsed time period is of utmost importance, things can be compressed.  Beware that often times: haste makes waste absolutely applies to the construction business.  And because most subcontractors operate on a bid basis, they already know, the quicker they work, the more money they will make.