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Q & A What Should We Watch Out For in Electric Wiring?

My biggest concern has always been in having a service panel that can accommodate future growth and change. Some of the electric fault devices are a little over the top for the protection required. On the other hand, it is ridiculous to argue about anything that can save lives.

This is also one area an interior designer can be invaluable in their vision. Task lighting and mood lighting are quiet different in their effects. Stringing more wire after a home is completed is expensive. Anticipate as best you can where all fixtures and recess cans might go. The new hot item is LED light, and once again quiet expensive, but its reach and focus are  phenomenal, at least view its ability.

There are professional light designers, that are worth every dime they might cost, for their view of the potential light scene. With all the wireless low voltage applications. I would worry less about getting everything perfect with low volt wiring, not to say a wire backup isn’t nice.