Oregon Craftsman 2002 Street of Dreams Custom Home by Rick Bernard Custom Homes - 1409 Exterior I 2006 (4c)

Q & A: Should We Use a Stock Plan or Employ an Architect/Designer?

Details that personalize your home to the specific way your family lives with kids and pets defines a home customized by its owner. These are often not particularly expensive – just a thoughtful rearrangement of existing materials and aspects.

Choosing a stock plan for a custom home or working with a custom home builder is the difference between living in a template or living in a home customized by the owner.

A stock plan gets the project off and running right away, no interview processes, no engineering to building authority standards, boom you are ready. That works for some people, but not always for those wishing to truly define what home means to them, meeting all of their needs for the entire family.

The front end difference is time and money. Starting with a clean sheet of paper is demanding in terms of imagination and time, however the result is ownership of a truly custom design.

Please understand my personal bias in favor of excellent functional and artistic design. We always tailor stock plans with distinctive touches by altering window sizes; placement, open able sashes, adding skylights and sun tubes.